Laural Rhea: owner of Creative Pawz.
If you would like to learn how to train your dog to do some amazing tricks or get some help with doggie manners, then check out Creative Pawz! We can work together to strengthen the relationship we have with our furry friends. 
Creative Pawz offers personal training classes tailored to fit you and your dog. Whether you have a young pup or a dog that's been around awhile there is always something new to learn. Each Behavior is modified to fit you and your dog's abilities.
Laural also specializes in creating choreography and selecting/cutting music for Canine Freestyle competitions. Laural has a niche for matching the right music for you and your dog. Choosing the right music for performances  is very important, it can make or break your routine. 
Laural is a certified AKC, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.
Part of her foundations class is learning the skills you need to earn your CGC. 
What to learn more about CGC or how to get trick titles you can get more info form the offical AKC website.
In her tricks class you will learn a wide variety of new ways to have fun with your dog! You can also earn a AKC Trick Dog Title along the way!
Laural offers privates lessons and group classes! ​
Here are a couple of tricks that would qualify to earn trick titles!
             Get In a suitcase.                                   Go in your kennel.
How we set up classes for success! We have a limit of 4 students per session to be sure everyone gets enough attention. We provide work sheets to take home so you don't forget what to practice during the week. Orientation, orientation is the first class in the session. Orientation is just for the owners, leave the dogs at home for this one. You will learn what is needed for the upcoming classes and general guide lines.  All of the classes offered are based on a positive reinforcement method. Our preferred training tool is the Clicker!
                                What is a clicker? How do I use it?
A clicker is a training tool that helps us better communicate with our dogs and other animals. It lets the animal know when it did a desired behavior correctly by making a distinct sound. How to use it. We first have to put meaning behind the sound of the click, by using positive reinforcement we can add value to the sound, once the dog knows that something good will happen when he hears the sound of the clicker, we can start creating and shaping the desired behavior.
                     What Laural finds to be the most important in training.
Partnership! You and your dog are a team. Understanding and respecting each other is the most important thing! You and your dog can do anything when there is a strong foundation of trust, respect, understanding and love!
Patience. Patience is another important thing we can give our furry friends. Having patience is so important in training.
Patience is what helps us to be more understanding, forgiving. It helps us slow down to be more aware of what we are doing. Dogs are so patience with us,
a lot of the time we don't even realize how patience they are with us. 
At Creative pawz we have lots of fun using positive training equipment, like the Pivot Bowl, Platform, Target Sticks, Cones, Hula Hoops and more!
The first video is demonstrating using the pivot bowl to tighten up a right side heel position. The second video is using platforms to teach 3 heel positions to puppy Zuzu.
     Right side heel with pivot bowl.               Learning positions with platforms.
                                      Dancing is hard work!
                            Look at these two happy tired doggies!
  LittleMan after a day of Zen training.           Zuzu after Freestyle training.
Did you know that working your dogs brain will tire them out mush faster then just doing exercising alone? Exercising is, of coarse very important but working the dogs brain is just as important. If you can do both at the same time it can work wonders for those especially, energetic dogs.
Agility training: Agility is a great example of mental and physical activity.
The dog needs to learn how to turn, come, go, verbal cues, hand cues and more!  
                                        Zuzu's tunnel jump!
  Or using a peanut ball or wobble board is a great also a great way to exercise body and mind!
                                Zuzu's Peanut ball exercise!

Laural and Zuzu provide entertainment for charity events.

Every year thay perform for the Willamette Valley Humane Society event Willamutt Strut, Hospice Walk N Wag event, Doggie Dash for Portland humane society,  Camp Paw Paw at the Humane Society, 4H demos, etc. 

Here is a video of Laural & Zuzu's Canine Freestyle demo for WillaMutt Strut.
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