About Laural Rhea

Laural's story: Laural has always loved dogs. When she was 9 years old her parents gave her a very special gift, a puppy!
A mini schnauzer she named Poochie. 
Laural took local training classes for obedience and agility training. Laural and her dog Pooche where top of their class!
When Laural was around 14 she she took her first Canine Freestyle class with a local trainer.  Laural's trainer offered her a great opportunity to learn more about clicker training and to assist her with training events, and assisting her at local dog shows.
Under the guide of her trainer Laural entered her first Canine Freestyle Competition in the junior category and never looked back! As a team Laural and Poochie earned their championship!
After the junior years:
Laural started working at a local Dog Day Care and Training facility as a dog wrangler. After a few years she demonstrated her training abilitys, and her love for it.
She now teaches  Foundation life skills, to help dogs earn their CGC!
Through working in the facility Laural has experienced a variety of way to work with dogs. She has done CGC skills, Urban walking, Pet Dog Therapy, Competitive Obedience,
Reactive dog class, 
Ring Stewarding,  
Freestyle Workshops,
attending Clicker Expo aka biggest dog training seminar etc. 
Laural created her own dog training business Creative Pawz. 
She has dedicated her life to helping people build a lasting relationship with their furry friends.


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