Zuzu's Voodoo Doll routine!

Canine Freestyle!



Currently, there are several organizations regulating competitive freestyle, such as the World Canine Freestyle Organization, Rally Free Elements, Canine Freestyle Federation, and the Musical Dog Sport Association in the United States, Paws 2 Dance Canine Freestyle Organization in Canada, Canine Freestyle GB in Great Britain, and Pawfect ...

The best part about 
Canine Freestyle is

it's ability to 

show the bond that you 

have with your dog!

A lot of people chose 

music that interprets the

relationship they have 

with their dog.

There are multiple divisions in Canine Freestyle. Junior, Adult, Senior, Pairs,

Brace, Heelwork.


Canine Freestyle is a dog sport that allows you to train your dog a variety of tricks and behaviors, putting them together with music in which you create a dance or skit. 

In canine freestyle you have the freedom to chose what behaviors and tricks you use in putting together a routine.


The sky is the limit!

Zuzu's a Pirate routine!

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Junior handler Kaylee and BB's Peter Pan's Flying routine!

The choice is yours, you are only limited by your imagination!

Any breed of dog is welcome in Canine Freestyle! Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, and young dogs.  

In Canine Freestyle you can also use props!

For example, if your dog likes to jump all about, then you can train your dog to jump over a hoop, through your arms, over a cane, ect.

Props can be great fun for you and your dog!

Heelwork is also a division in Canine Freestyle.

In this category, the dog stays in close proximity to your body, so it appears that you and the dog move together as one.

The dog stays in a heel position on either side of the handler. Then advancing to the dog doing Heelwork positions on all 4 sides of the handler or more!